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Norakle is a cost-effective and easy to use Business Management Software that helps businesses organize their sales, improve productivity and grow their business. You get over 50 tools, like CRM, Accounting, Activity and Tasks Management, Document management, project management, time management, invoicing, collaboration, reporting, email marketing, shared calendars, company directory and much more. Norakle is available in cloud and as software that can be installed on your own server. Norakle is built for businesses, both small and large. It is a proven strategic tool for increasing company profitability which in turn results in the growth of your business.

Below are some of the important features of Norakle:


This helps to quickly issue quotes, invoices and accounting reports to maximize efficiency and revenue.


It manages your prospects, contacts and clients in one place with simplified software.

Project Management

With integrated project management, tasks and time tracking, you can be sure that nothing gets missed.


Automatically schedule invoices and statements, generate automated reports, and more with Norakle automation. Run your company and let Norakle do the hard work for you.

Team Collaboration

Forget complicated integrations. Norakle allows your team to co-ordinate easily and efficiently with our platform. With built-in tasks and client notes, and a comprehensive notification system, your whole team is on the same page.

Transform your Company

Running a company isn't easy. You're constantly faced with administrative and organizational challenges, not to mention the complications of managing your sales and accounts. Too many businesses fail because these complications suck away at their time, leaving them with little time to grow their company. We built Norakle to take these challenges away from you, so you can focus on what you know best.

Norakle is highly customizable and it comes with many in-built features like:

  • Sales Team Reporting
  • Follow-up Reminder
  • Order Workflow Management
  • Call Center
  • Daily Activity Tracker
  • Quotation Maker
  • Invoice Generator & Many More
  • Inventory System
  • Managing a Sales Team Without Effective Reporting Is Like Driving With Your Eyes Closed!

    Start your day with a quick glance at EVERYTHING.

    Contact Book

    All your valuable client’s data stored in one place.


    Cold Call, Follow Ups, Appointments, Tasks, Marketing. And More.


    Select Product. Enter Quantity. Print Quotation.


    Manage and track your products/services.


    Never let a deal slip through your hands again.


    Eye in the Sky.

    Relax and Reap the Benefits
    Best Value

    Find a lower Business management solution quote and we will refund the difference.


    Finally, a Business management that is highly customizable as per your business needs.

    Simple & Easy to Use

    Finally, a software which doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge to use. Seriously, anyone can use it. We keep it simple with minimum data entry.

    More than Software

    Unlike competition who just sell software, we understand your business and devise a unique sales strategy and process for your company.

    Multiple Teams

    You can have multiple teams or branches working on separate products or services and you can manage everything under ONE account.

    Local Support

    Having a local support team with easy access to trainers and technicians can save you from a lot of headaches when compared to our competition.

    Centralized Data

    Start from where your previous team member has left off in the case of any emergencies or if one of them resigns.

    Communication History

    All customer communication whether past or present are centrally saved and are easily available for future reference.

    Data on Cloud

    Your team can stay up-to-date on all their customer information and activities even when they are on the move.

    Safe & Secure

    NO ONE outside your company can access your important data. Our servers prevent any unauthorized access of any kind.

    Joint Calendar

    Managers can view calendar entries of all the users for better management. Users have their personal calendar to manage their upcoming meetings.

    Reminders & Alerts

    Never worry about any activity falling off your radar as our Business management solution will constantly remind you of every meeting, or follow-up.

    Performance Escalation

    Your team will work their best especially when they know that they are being monitored and poor performances can get escalated.

    Business Analytics

    All individual or team performances and data can be easily generated on interactive graphs. This section is completely customizable too.

    Corporate Privileges

    Noracleunderstand your company’s structure and provide separate account privileges for managers, owners, reps and supervisors.

    Simple User Guide

    We provide will complete documentation, step-by-step process guide and answer to all FAQs. It’s just good to go.


  • Business dashboard
  • Calendar & task management
  • Basic project management
  • CRM & quote management
  • Income& expenses
  • Manage Customers & Suppliers
  • Unlimited Quotes & Invoices, statements and more
  • Unlimited stock or service items
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Unlimited Bank Accounts
  • VAT Management
  • Inventory
  • Assets
  • Financial & reports
  • file uploads
  • Full 24/7 online support and knowledgebase.
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    Did you Know 97% of all Fortune Companies Use Business Software Solution like Noracle to Increase Productivity & Improve Sales Conversions

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