Church Management System

Evangel is a Church Management Software designed to help churches and faith-based groups manage, automate and organize their daily operations. Beyond that, this software leverages computing technology to handle tasks and activities of churches such as managing membership databases, emails and communication, events, fundraising, finances, and report generation, among others.

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Reach, know and build a relationship with them using Evangel.

Capture the information of members, new converts and first timers in a well detailed and organized format

Ensure easy monitoring of the members and leaders participation and follow up.

Better relationship with them by quickly generating census report to know and understand them better.

Improve members participation and involvement by filling an Information Update Form online which automatically updates their database through our robust software, Evangel.

evangel-church management system
evangel-church management system

Connect with Members Anywhere in the World

Members are the church, Evangel helps to keep you connected

Simplify communication through our unrestricted online platform that can help you reach anyone anywhere in the world

Ensures smooth composition of messages by using our in-built template or stored formats from frequently sent messages.

Automate sending of bulk messages via email, sms or recorded voice calls to members.

Get instant delivery of messages and unhindered feedback through receiving of automatic notifications.

Simplify Collection and Reporting of Givings and Expenses

Show Stewardship More To the People You Serve

Powerful features to track and organize the contributions for offerings, tithes, projects and special occasions

In-built versatile features for receiving and sending of money within and across the country

Simplified accounts preparation with the use of our exhaustive and comprehensive format to capture the church’s recurrent and capital expenditure

Smooth financial reporting with features that give a detailed and at-a-glance understanding of the Church’s financial status

User access security assured to protect data against fraud activities and loss.

evangel-church management system
evangel-church management system

Monitor the Smaller Units Effectively

The church is actually about the small gatherings, where they can relate more on a personal level

Leaders of each unit are able to give accurate and detailed report of their meetings and also submit online.

Reduce uniformed lateness and absenteeism through built-in format for absenteeism alert and notification

Remove communication gap among the group members, leaders by ensuring instant delivery and easy view of message.

Be in the know of each members, group leaders and ministers performance by using the performance analysis to measure performance of each individual.

Effectively take attendance and report of activities while submission is done automatically after form is filled.

Event/Activity Management

Beyond just a gathering, it’s an opportunity people have to connect with one another

Actualize the hope of successful events by allowing online registration for both members and non-members.

Easily update and communicate changes in time, date, venue, and other logistics.

Preventing dual registration or/and double booking of space through Evangel’s registration portal.

Improve accurate taking of attendance of members, first timers and new converts, testimonies and other reports.

Enhance effectiveness in planning of special meetings through Evangel’s automated calendar to get alerts and notifications.

evangel-church management system
evangel-church management system

Keep Your Information 100% Secured

Keep the confidentiality and protection of your information as a priority

Evangel ensures cloud storage of information, hence, information is protected against loss from accident, human error or theft.

Sophisticated user access security provides protection of data against fraudulent activities.

Preserves the church’s historical, doctrinal and constitutional standing by allowing for preferential storage of specific data

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Thinking of how to upload or transfer your data to our system after you sign up? Not to worry, we have made provision for you through our 24/7 support service, so as to ensure your data is up and running in your new system in moments. And if you decide to do it yourself, Evangel makes the importing of your data a smooth ride, either from another church management system, Excel files or even from your hard copy files, you can have your data ready for use in no time.



Email Unlimited Number of People

Stay connected with as many as possible using scheduled emails

Plan and Record Meetings/Activities

Be in the know as regards the planning and preparation of every event.

House Fellowship

Manage the house fellowship members and leaders using the detailed reporting system

Membership Database

Be aware and updated with all members information through online forms that update their database automatically

Send Bulk SMS

Reach everyone easily using in-built bulk SMS

Church Accounting

Get accurate and real-time information on your income and expenses.

Track Giving

Stay informed always on the what, when, who and how of givings.

Online Giving

Receive givings even from outside your state and country

Follow up

Consistently follow up on new converts, first timers, visitors or far away members.

Volunteer Management

Keep track of members or/and non-members working on projects or special activities.

Inventory Management

Organize, monitor and track the inventories used by several departments

Event Management

Be informed on the resources and finances used in planning an event

Membership Access

Every member can have access anytime on their phones, tablets or laptops through the permission of the admin.

Message Template

Avoid delay and difficulty in sending messages

Report Management

Get in the know about the activities of your members, workers and ministers.


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  • Members Information Management
  • Accounting
  • Communication [Email- SMS]
  • Events Management
  • House Fellowship Management
  • Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Free Monthly SMS(Terms and Conditions applied)


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