Have Questions? Of Course You Do. Here's A Quick Q & A.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is intended to:
    - Raise customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty;
    - Integrate customer data;
    - Improve targeted marketing efforts;
    - Anticipate customer needs and preferences;
    - Increase productivity and operating efficiencies.

A portal is a unified platform that connects users to contextually relevant information, services, and applications. Modern portals embrace multiple features that make them the best choice for many organizations.

Security is of utter importance for us. Depending on the purpose of a particular portal, we implement various features like securing online transactions with SSL, restricting data access based on user roles, data encryption, digital signatures, certificates, etc.

Yes, We support the following cloud platforms:
    • Amazon web services
    • Google Apps
    • Microsoft Azure

We are experts in .NET, PHP, Java, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, HTML5, JavaScript. The full list of technologies that we work with is here.

There are many benefits that portals offer to organizations. The major ones include improved communication and collaboration, enhanced decision making, increased productivity, and integration of third-party applications

Yes. is a mandatory part of the software development process at Norak Technologies .

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