Graphics Design

Graphic design is the art of visually representing ideas which is needed by all businesses. This makes graphic design skills on-demand and lucrative. Visual display of information imprints the information more on the viewer’s mind than content. At Norak Technologies, we train people to be both imaginative and innovative. We bring out the best of you by widening and making the best of your imagination.

It is in our plan to raise top-notch graphics designers that can ply the trade with excellence anywhere in the world and lead the new generation in the graphics industry, making landmark achievements globally.

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  • Time: (Mon - Fri) 9am - 2pm

  • Duration: 2 Weeks


  • Time: ( Sat Only ) 10am - 4pm

  • Duration: 6 Weeks

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To increase your Employability

To enable you engage in freelance job activities

To make you a successful entrepreneur

  • Introduction to photoshop
  • Tools in photoshop
  • Editing in Photoshop
  • Basic designs with Photoshop
  • Introduction to digital art in photoshop
  • Illustrating with Photoshop
  • Introduction to Adobe Animate
  • Adobe Animate Tools
  • Drawing with Adobe Animate
  • Introduction to 2d Animation with Adobe Animate
  • Creating multi-media with Adobe Animate