Summer training is our annual training that holds at the end of every academic year (August- September)in partnership with Schools. There’s no disputing the fact that technology will drive the future. No controversy, but while the traditional jobs are fading away leading to mass unemployment in the cities, it is imperative to realize that at the same time new opportunities are springing up in the labour market made possible by communication and technology infrastructure. Norak’s Summer Bootcamp mission is to train participants on practical skills for the tech industry. The programme will be exciting, rewarding and most importantly, empowering. It will help participants cultivate and develop strong IT Skills and will give them both the confidence and certification to launch themselves to the next phase.



  • Website Design.
  • Mobile App Development.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Animation.


  • Scratch.
  • Robotics and Virtual Reality.

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Day And Time:

The day and time will be chosen at the prerogative of the School Management.

Course Fee:

Based on agreement with the partner/school