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Norak ERP

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Our simple & powerful dashboard

Recording and reporting of inventory and other resources as at when due.

Easier and faster sourcing, structuring and organizing of files and other paperwork

Real-time information on finance and accounts of clients.

Automation of marketing procedure, lead management, sales pipeline activities, and customer relation


All-In-One Powerful ERP Software


By implementing customer relationship management tools, you have the potential to make significant improvements in marketing efficiency, sales and customer service

Inventory management helps you avoid unnecessary wastage and inefficiency in carrying out duties across the departments in the organization.

Minimize greatly stock-outs and avoidable circumstances causing a delay in productivity

Sharpen your competitive edge while ensuring your customers are having the best of experience.

Empower business decisions with real-time data


Adaptable to any business size, and so suits your current size, and adapts as you grow.

Save yourself the stress and worries that come with inaccurate and clumsy taking of stock, payroll system, document management and more.

Create access privileges for employee(s) as needed, hence getting work done without delay.y

With easy access, you can manage your finances, inventory, and files from your laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone anytime you choose.

Identify and correct problems as they occur using up-to-date data on sales, finance, document, inventory and more.


Enhance your foresight and insight with detailed and up-to-date activities concerning individual department and the business as a whole, helping you to always stay informed.

Be assured of decisions made by your team from the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and reporting stage even while physically.

Inaccurate and incomprehensible data can cost a business its existence. But have no fear, Norakle ERP provides accurate data for financial planning, customer data analysis, inventory sourcing, and allocation.

You can never go wrong with the right information. Track events, activities, and tasks while ensuring the best working environment

Empower business decisions with real-time dataHave no worries about lost, stolen or misplaced information as information is secured, trackable and also retrievable.

Customize Norakle ERP for Your Business

Norakle Accounting Management

The financial growth of any organization is its lifeblood. Know the financial status of your business and ensure all legal requirement is met in the preparation of financial accounts so as to know the business financial status, Profitability ratio, inventory level, and billing.

Norakle Payroll Management

Rather than paper-based system choose to significantly speed up payroll process, reduce error and enjoy customized paychecks by automating the payment process for both salaried and waged employees.

Norakle Inventory Management

Tracking and managing materials from purchase, warehousing, production process, sale and to delivery of products can be challenging. And so to help you achieve optimal result while you focus on other aspects of your business is why Norak Inventory was created.

Norakle CRM Management

Driving the growth of sales, improving customer service relationships, ensuring customer retention which is called customer relationship management is a very integral aspect of the business, in fact it’s a major reason the business exists.

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