• You thought that the company you’d chosen would be dedicated to your project, but you find out that they are working on several projects for various clients and they do not devote enough time to your project, so deadlines are missed.
  • The company you work with assigns developers for your project, but does not provide project management services, so you need to manage the project yourself. Great if it is OK for you, but what if you do not have enough skills or if time zone difference between you and the development team is such that you need to spend nights working?
  • You did not provide project specifications and the team started work without them – and they’ve produced software which significantly differs from what you expected.
  • Your requirements change frequently, but the team does not have any requirements/tasks tracking tool to manage them so this again ends up with unusable software.
  • The company you have chosen has high employee attrition rates, so developers in your team change frequently, significantly affecting your deadlines.
  • You have chosen a great team, but its contact person does not speak English well, so you spend too much time on communication and it is negatively affecting the project.

  • We assign you a team of developers who work exclusively with you in a “team extension” model. We do not put these developers on any other projects, they only work on your project on a full-time basis.
  • Noble provides a project manager, if you need one, so you don´t need to manage the project by yourself.
  • We are working closely with your specification. If you do not have one, we will create it for you working iteratively with you, so that the produced software meets your expectations.
  • If your requirements change frequently, our team does have a requirements/tasks tracking tool to manage them in order to produce usable software.
  • Our employee stays with our company for years, we have very low turn-over, so developers on your team will stay for the duration of the project.
  • All our developers speak, read, and write good English. Also, all or our developers have a BS in Computer Science, and many of them hold Masters degrees in Computer Science. We also have several PhDs in Computer Sciences on board.

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